Sports Management Solutions

Welcome to the pinnacle of sports administration and governance – Sports Live App, a revolutionary software suite meticulously crafted by our expert team at our esteemed software house. Our comprehensive solution is designed to redefine the landscape of sports management, providing an all-encompassing platform that seamlessly handles every facet of sports administration

SportsLive - Digital Transforming Grassroots Sports

The SportsLive software suite covers every detail in sports administration and governance. From creating leagues and tournaments globally whilst tracking participation, injuries and data analytics. It simplifies flows, minimizes tasks through automation, removes paper from the process, saving money, increasing security (GDPR) and improves transparency. Ensuring that money doesn’t escape sport and is reinvested back into the ecosystem

Our software empowers organizations to create and manage leagues and tournaments on a global scale. Whether it's a local competition or an international event, our platform ensures a smooth and efficient process from inception to completion.

From registrations to performance tracking, our system simplifies the management of sports participants, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Gain insights into player performance, fan engagement, and overall sports trends