EM Provided Interactive Digital Signage to Namshi


Interactive Digital Signage



Project Duration

1 Month

Deployment Status

Deployed, Updated

We create everything digital, printable and analytical.

EM provides interactive digital signage which involves engaging text, captivating visuals, and clear calls to action. Welcome to a new era of retail innovation. We are excited to present our latest project with Namshi, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless shopping experiences. Namshi’s commitment to revolutionizing the fashion retail landscape inspired our collaboration to bring a unique and interactive touch to their stores.

Our innovative interactive solutions seamlessly integrate into Namshi’s retail environment, enhancing the overall customer journey. We designed Namshi’s interactive journey to be intuitive, user-friendly, and visually compelling, ensuring that customers have a memorable and enjoyable experience with each interaction.

Enterprise Mobility leveled experience Namshi Like Never Before. Namshi’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of retail. We helped Namshi shape a retail experience that is not just transactional but truly immersive, engaging, and memorable.